Journey through Uganda

Join us in our first-ever virtual fundraiser. Walk, run, jog, or cycle kilometre by kilometre, through Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. 

You've taken the first step and you are most welcome to Cairdeas' Journey through Uganda. Cairdeas works around the world and this summer, we will be exploring our work with partners in Uganda. You can also find out more about our work here, on our website. 

If you have not done so yet, please register with us and feel free to send an email with any queries.

You can submit your donation here on the Cairdeas website or raise funds on JustGiving (see example JustGiving page here). We're happy to have you on board!

Your jouney milestones are listed to the right: click on the first one, "Welcome" to continue. 

As you exercise and raise funds for Cairdeas, we'd like to share some of our partnering organisations costings so you can see where your donation will go. Please note that any amount raised for the fundraiser is appreciated!

  -  £25 supports a training session for volunteers at the hospital and in the community (VHTs).

  -  £40 helps a volunteer with transportation at the hospital palliative care unit as they support patients and their families for one week.

  -  £50 funds Peace Hospice team with transport for one week (including saving for new motorbikes) to visit patients in rural and refugee settlements.

  -  £75 supports a specialist palliative care nurse at the hospital to provide holistic care for one week.

  -  £200 helps a Cairdeas scholar (nursing, social work, etc) for one month in tuition, fees, and basic supplies. 

  -  £250 funds a specialist palliative care doctor at the hospital to provide holistic care for one week.