Meet Vicky Opia, founder of Peace Hospice Foundation

Palliative care isn't only in the capital of Kampala, Uganda; slowly by slowly more organisations and government entites are including this kind of medical care. Meet Vicky Opia in the video below and see how hospice provision can be done in rural East Africa. 

When you reach Adjumani district, you are warmly welcomed by Vicky Opia, a registered nurse trained in palliative care who leads the work in palliative care in this district. She is the Executive Director of Peace Hospice Foundation, while at the same time, she works in Adjumani Hospital. Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust is proud to be a partnering organisation with Vicky Opia and Peace Hospice Foundation. In fact, Vicky and her team have worked with several Cairdeas faculty and volunteers in the past, especially on research and training projects. 

Enjoy the video above to see more of the community of Adjumani, hear from Vicky Opia, and see what kind of palliative services are provided in this part of Northern Uganda.

Bird of the Day
Cinnamon Chested Bee Eaters

This colourful bird lives primarily in Eastern Africa and is larger than the other bee eaters in Africa. Its name reminds us of the many cinnamon trees (and cinnamon tea!) in Adjumani. 

Bird of the Day