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TwitterLatest tweets: Great to see this step forward…

TwitterLatest tweets: Great to see this step forward…

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TwitterLatest tweets: Several new posts to read; 'Toko Friday; how Cairdeas is helping me find my true vocation', 'Mapping the way ahead;……

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Cairdeas (pronounced ‘cardis’) is a Gaelic word meaning world-wide friendship and fellowship.

We are a Scottish-based charity which works in partnership with national and international individuals and organisations using a health systems approach to promote and faciliate the provision of high quality palliative care in resource limited settings. We work to promote and facilitate access to palliative care for those in the greatest need in various developing countries regardless of background. We work to achieve this through education, advocacy, mentorship and research. 

Car appeal

Help us raise the approximately £10,000 required for a new vehicle for our work in Uganda.