Privacy Notice

If ever you want to know how we know something about you, just ask. You are in control of your information and the information we send you, and can make changes, additions or deletions at any time. You are in charge!

Your rights include: right of access, right of rectification, right to object, right to object to direct marketing, right not to be subject to automatic processing (unless necessary to fulfil a contract or required by law NB. Cairdeas doesn’t use automated decision-making), right to be forgotten without undue delay, right to restrict processing, especially where accuracy of data is contested or no longer needed, right of data portability (in a commonly used format), right to object to processing for scientific, historical or statistical processes.

The Data Controller for Cairdeas is the Operations Director (UK), who is available on or by post to 15 Kings Cross Avenue, Aberdeen, AB15 6FS. Where possible, we would ask that any complaints be raised through these channels in the first instance, but the independent authority is the Information Commissioner’s Office, contactable via:

Who we are

We are a Scottish-based, needs-led charity that responds to requests from colleagues in the developing world to promote and facilitate the provision of high quality palliative care in communities where such care is limited.  Working mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa and India, the activity can also extend across the globe.

Motivated by compassion inspired by the love of Christ, we work in partnership with local organisations and individuals, respecting the integrity of each person's faith, background and lifestyle. By providing expertise, education, training and mentoring and by influencing policy makers at a national level, our aim is to build local capacity to create and develop local, sustainable palliative care services and to raise awareness  of the palliative care needs in the developing world.

Why do we collect your personal information and with whom do we share it?

If you donate (or have donated) money or gifts, then your details may be stored in our paper records and electronic banking and financial management systems in order to maintain our governance and record-keeping.  This also applies to gift aid declarations, which we are legally obliged to keep a record of for a certain length of time. Your details may be shared with third parties, but only to help us process these donations and maintain our governance, such as with our independent examiner of accounts, or with HMRC. We will make sure that your data is kept securely, and unless we need to clarify something about your giving, we won’t use these details to contact you – so if you want to hear updates, you now need to sign up separately (see the next paragraph).

If you sign up to our contact database, we will collect and store the personal information you choose to give us in order to keep you up to date with our work and new opportunities to get involved. We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. Your personal information will be processed in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms. If you submit your details by paper form, then your details may be stored in paper and/or electronic form, but we won’t share it with third parties and we’ll keep it secure.

Any information we hold about you may be held indefinitely, until it is decided that a legitimate reason to keep it no longer exists, or until you request that it be deleted (other than when we have an overriding obligation to maintain a record, such as for Gift Aid declarations within 6 years), in which case electronic records will be deleted and paper records will be destroyed.

How do we collect personal information from you ?

  • Through meeting you face to face or at events where we are represented or that we host
  • When you give it to us via a donation, a registration form, our website or through letters you send us
  • From the public domain; even if you have not directly given us your information we might already know something about you because our supporters and volunteers might know you through mutual contacts

 GDPR Changes

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) mean that even if you have previously signed up to be contacted by Cairdeas about news or opportunities, you need to SIGN UP AGAIN in order to keep hearing from us. Our main way of keeping you updated is via our email newsletter (which we aim to send out every 2 months), but if you give us permission, we might occasionally get in touch by letter (such as to send a Christmas card) or by text or phone (such as if there is an urgent opportunity to give or volunteer).  

If you do nothing, then you won’t hear anything from us by email, post or phone after 25th May 2018.