Blog: Practical Ways of Helping The Work of Cairdeas

23rd October 2018

Cairdeas has formed a UK Focus Group and wishes to attract new members to come on board.  Read on to decide if you might be interested in joining this sub-group or participating in the wider aspects of its work within the UK to bolster and support our core work overseas.

This group has a wide remit and here are some of the ways you can get involved and help Cairdeas whilst based in the UK.

1. RAISE AWARENESS of the remit, work, and impact of Cairdeas.  Perhaps you would be available to speak about Cairdeas at church gatherings, coffee mornings, to represent Cairdeas at relevant conferences, etc.;

2. EXPANDand GROW the UK donor base by helping to spread the message of our work in your community, family and friends;

3. COLLABORATE with us: pursue partnership working, if you are part of a like-minded organisation there might be potential for making joint funding applications;

4. ADVOCATE for Cairdeas where there is any potential to represent Cairdeas’ work – for example, advocating for global palliative care, linking with Scottish and UK parliament;

5. ENGAGE in specific areas of work – whether at home or abroad, via the Cairdeas Faculty, explore opportunities for volunteering at Cairdeas;

6. ASSISTANCE in developing educational and curriculum resources, online courses, training, etc.

7. SUPPORTand NURTURE others; offer encouragement and mentoring to volunteers committing to international placements with Cairdeas;

If you could help in any of these ways, please email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Practical Ways of Helping The Work of Cairdeas