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Since the inception of Cairdeas there have been many professionals who have provided support to further the vision of ‘palliative care for all’ through mentoring, training and clinical support. In the past few years this has been particularly strong in the support of the Makerere Palliative Care Unit and working with our partners in India. Other opportunities come through our partnerships and may include work in Rwanda, Sudan, Mauritania and Gaza. It has always been a key part of the vision of Cairdeas to mobilise and support effective mentorship and to facilitate these mentoring and training links as well as build a network of experienced palliative care professionals willing and able to work in international roles. Most volunteers have clinical experience but we also welcome others with relevant skills such as training, monitoring, communications, media and finance.

We are delighted to have a formal way to be engaged with the work of Cairdeas and volunteer your professional expertise to support international palliative care.

Role of the Group

The purpose of the faculty is to formalise the professional volunteers who are linked to Cairdeas to create a pool of expertise, available to support the work of Cairdeas and other partners through mentoring, training, curriculum development, capacity building and clinical work to facilitate the growth of palliative care.


Membership is offered to those who are willing to volunteer to work with Cairdeas delivering clinical services, providing mentorship or supporting training. There are two levels of Faculty membership.

Associates: those who have made less than 2 training or mentoring visits or one visit less than 1 month, have relevant skills and in palliative care and are willing to join other Cairdeas faculty on training or mentoring visits.

Fellows: those who have participated in more than 2 training or mentoring visits or one visit more than 1 month with Cairdeas. Experience with similar organisations may be recognised in lieu of a Cairdeas related visit. Fellows are competent in palliative care, confident to lead visits and to represent Cairdeas.


All Fellows and Associates should be in sympathy with the vision and values of Cairdeas It is hoped that Faculty members would be available for supporting training / mentorship for a minimum of 2 weeks in a 3 year period.

Cairdeas offers preparation and debriefing support as well as mentorship and training resources and will supported to keep up to date with developments in international palliative care. Financial costs would mostly be met by the volunteer though support for some travels costs and accommodation may be offered.

There are opportunities for meeting together at the Cairdeas Gatherings on a yearly basis and networking opportunities at UK and international palliative care training events or conferences. Training and support is offered at UK based events and during international visits. The resources section offers further reading and supporting materials.

Want to know more?

You can contact the Medical Director, Dr Mhoira Leng by email and cc to UK Operations Director, Eimear Bush or complete the brief note of interest form here.