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We have gathered some key international resources and links. Most significanty we will share the e-book and webinars developed through a collaboration with PalliCOVIDKerala and Pallium India

  • Palliative-care-in-covid-19-resource-tool-kit-for-lmic-v3
    Resource for curriculum planning in palliative care

  • Palliative care and covid-19 series - briefing notes compilation
    Briefing notes series for palliative care in COVID-19

  • Palliative care in the context of a global pandemic
    Prof MR Rajagopal

  • Management of symptom complex of breathlessness and agitation in COVID19
    Dr Sunitha Daniel

  • Ethical issues and triage in the context of COVID19
    Dr Mhoira Leng

  • Communications skills (introductary) in times of COVID19
    Dr Biju Raghavan

  • Making sense of distress in the context of COVID19
    Dr Chitra Venkateswaran

  • Compassionate care and avoiding burnout in the context of COVID19
    Dr Shoba Nair

  • End of life care in the context of COVID19
    Dr Rajashree Suresh

  • Palliative Care of COVID-19 Patients in Low-Resource Settings;a Christian perspective
    Dr Mhoira Leng, ICMDA webinar