Blog: Thanks for supporting our Global Giving Day

Ian Robinson
25th August 2020

To our friends and supporters,

Thank you so much for your support in various ways that has enabled us at PcERC and MMPCU Uganda to continue to provide care to our patients and their families during this period. We have now raised $2,000 out of our $7,500 goal since the campaign started 7 weeks ago on Global Giving. (

We remain grateful to you who have supported us thus far and those who will be supporting us in future.

Global Giving has now announced the July Bonus day which is a one-day campaign aimed at helping us to secure larger donations for our project.  

So come Wednesday 15th July 2020 Global Giving will match all donations of $100-$1,000 as well as other award prizes!

Donations will be matched based on amount:

Donations of $100 - $499 USD will be matched at 15%

Donations of $500 - $749 USD will be matched at 30%

Donations of $750 - $1,000 USD will be matched at 50%

We are therefore calling upon you once again to come and support us on this day in whichever way you can. Please click on this link;  You can donate as a one-off or monthly.

Also our normal Bringing Hope through Palliative Care project is still running where you can still give as a one off or regularly. Please click on the following link;

With best wishes and blessings

# stay safe


Thanks for supporting our Global Giving Day

Thanks for supporting our Global Giving Day

Thanks for supporting our Global Giving Day