Blog: Purple Parties… Stuck for ideas?

16th May 2018

June 2018 sees the launch of our annual Purple Party campaign! More details will be shared very soon, but this is where we encourage our friends and supporters to host a ‘Purple Party’ in order to raise awareness and raise more friends in global palliative care. However for those of you with culinary brain freeze, it might be daunting to think what to serve at a purple party, so here we’ve prepared some suggestions to get you thinking! Of course, other recipes are available… And most importantly we don’t want anyone feeling put off by the cooking, the most important thing is getting people together regardless of the colour of the food!


Make it fancy…

For anyone feeling adventurous, why not try a purple layer cake, or a purple forest cake… Or how about attempt a purple twist on the classic red velvet cake?


Make it healthy…

As a healthcare charity, it would be remiss of us not to advise healthy eating! Fortunately there are numerous delicious fruits which fit the purple bill… so how about putting together a fruit bowel of grapes, plums, blackberries and blueberries?


Make it natural…

Vegetables in baking are perhaps more common than you think! The classic carrot cake has been joined by parsnip cake and most relevant for our purple parties, beetroot! Not only will you have a guaranteed moist and succulent delicacy, but also a great natural purple colouring! Alongside blueberries and blackberries, below are a few ideas for naturally purple confectionary!


Make it simple…

Of course, you might feel more comfortable sticking with your own tried and trusted recipe… so you could always just add a splash of purple colouring to your mixture or icing for a quick and easy result. Or even simpler, if you aren’t even a baker then you could just put out some purple chocolates (there are many out there) or shop bought goodies…


Make it inedible!

Finally you don’t have to eat purple to make your party purple. Beyond asking your guests to come dressed in purple, you could just accessorise your event with purple cupcake cases, purple napkins or even just a vase of purple flowers!

Purple Parties… Stuck for ideas?

Purple Parties… Stuck for ideas?

Purple Parties… Stuck for ideas?

Purple Parties… Stuck for ideas?