Latest news: Give the gift of hope this Christmas.

14th October 2019

This Christmas we are raising money to fund training and travel scholarships.

Training scholarships enable the upskilling of local people in the Global South to provide high quality end-of-life care. The most recent scholars we have supported are Dr Jack Turyahikayo in his Master of Medicine course, Ivan Onapito for a Masters in Pastoral Care, and Esther Muyinga for a nursing diploma in palliative care. Our current scholar, Toko Friday Santiago, is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Social Administration.

Our travel scholarships ensure that experts from the Global South are able to attend international conferences to share their knowledge and experience. Our most recent travel scholarships went to Vicky Opia and Peace Bagasha who recently travelled from Uganda to the UK. Vicky was a keynote speaker at this year's THET conference in London, and both Vicky and Peace spoke at a seminar at Edinburgh University on palliative care in humanitarian settings. 

View the image to the right to learn what difference a donation could make. To donate, visit our donations page at

Give the gift of hope this Christmas.