Latest news: A familiar face in a new role!

5th June 2017

We are delighted to announce that Dan Knights has been appointed as our new UK Director of Operations.  Dan is a very familiar friend of Cairdeas. As a junior doctor, Dan has a particular interest in global health and palliative care.  Dan spent time in Uganda, as part of his elective and in recent years has been a Trustee of Cairdeas (until taking up this role).  Dan therefore brings to the post a unique set of skills from first-hand experience of the joys and challenges of working in the field, to balancing the management of funds, with the needs of the service and the requirements placed on Trustees.  These skills will equip Dan in the roles of administrator, ambassador and advocate for Cairdeas, to build and develop its support base within the UK and abroad.

A familiar face in a new role!

Dan Knights - new Operations Director (UK)